Moonstone Necklace

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These timeless pieces are hand chosen and one of a kind!

You won’t find another pendant exactly like this one.

A graceful addition to any collection.

Sterling Silver Chain.

The reversed coffin is symbolic of a meditative state and rebirthing process that leads to new beginnings. Healing from the past and developing more introspective qualities that help counsel your own thoughts and feelings - bringing inner peace and mental clarity.

Rainbow Moonstone

Sacral, Brow & Crown Chakras | Cancer | Moon.  Fertility . Menstrual Cycle . Hormones . Thyroid . Bowels . Breast Operations . Womb Healing . Calm . Reassurance . Loneliness . Self-Harm . Vulnerability . Insomnia . Anaphylactic Shock . Lucid Dreaming . Learning Difficulties . Clairvoyance . Love . Menopause . Optimism


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