Aran Cardigan

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The Aran knit , named after the 3 island's off the coast of Co. Galway, is an iconic Irish handcrafted product and has experienced a revival in popularity this year. Originally knitted to give fishermen protection from the elements, it is said each family had it's own closely guarded pattern. Every stitch has a meaning. The Diamond stitch wishes the wearer wealth and success and is one of the most popular stitches on the original handknits. The Honeycomb stitch is also said to bring good fortune.

Our Aran knits are made to order by a local lady who has been making them for over 50 years. They are made in 100% wool and require handwashing . With proper care they will last a lifetime. They are knitted from naturally breathable fibres, meaning you will be warm and comfortable. 

Two examples of cardigans are shown here, each are original designs. The blue mix  is knitted in Donegal Irish Wool, the other is  also in 100% wool, but from other sources. 

Size: Blue Aran 36"-38" bust    Off white Aran 38"-40" bust


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