Dream Catchers

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"Originally dream catchers were a tradition of Native Americans who believed good and bad dreams floated freely in the night air. The good or positive dreams knew how to slip through the mesh of the dreamcatcher and could slip down the feathers to the sleeping individual. The bad or negative dreams got entangled in the dreamcatcher and perished when sunlight fell on them"

A dream catcher is much more than just a simple gift, it tells the person you give it to that you care about their wellbeing and peace of mind.

If you give a gift of a dream catcher you also share the story of the origin of the gift. When they are asked about it , they in turn share the story of you giving the gift to them and the history of the dream catcher. So, by giving a dream catcher as a gift , you are creating a cycle which allows our loved ones and friends to know we are thinking of them whenever they look at the dream catcher they were given.

These dream catchers are hand crocheted in fine cotton mounted on a wooden or plastic hoop. They come with the story of the dream catcher. They would make an attractive piece of wall décor, can be hung in a window or over a child's bed to ward off bad dreams.

Size of Hoop : 13.5cm, 5.5" external diameter

Hanging : 40cm, 16" approx



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