Kids Garden Craft Kit 20% off

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Summer is here and it's time for outdoor fun! The Kitty and little pie BIG GARDEN Craft Box is perfect for outdoor crafting and garden creating. Inside this large, beautifully designed box, which has been hand filled by Leanne of Kitty and little pie, you will find absolutely everything you need to create lots of interesting and exciting garden decorations, including two bird seed feeders to hand out and attract birds to your garden, a cute little terracotta pot to hand paint, varnish and plant in, a beautiful sun catching wire and bead tree decoration and three wooden plant markers to design, create, paint and weather-proof! Plus a perfectly smooth stone to have a go at stone painting! It really is a BIG box! All materials are great quality, including acrylic paints, mid podge varnish and gesso, and will teach you and your child new skills which you can use to further enhance your outdoor space. This box also comes with complete step by step instructions for each craft and makes a unique and thoughtful gift for all crafters and garden enthusiasts

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