Home is Where the Heart Is

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Home means so many different things to us all: security, warmth, family, happiness, memories, laughter, roots, nourishment, privacy, relaxation, and more. And no two homes are ever the same, as we each make our own space special to us.

And so, no two fused glass ‘homes’ are ever the same either!

Each one is made by hand. Grace use a range of bright opaque glass and after cutting the glass, she rounds off every corner. This gives her little houses a fun, whimsical nature –  We don’t think any one of these ‘wonky’ houses would pass building regulations!

As she is making them, she always include a little colourful heart somewhere, because after all, home really is where the heart is. Every home is totally individual. But they each have extra decorative touches, including dichroic glass (it reflects the light in a different colour, so adds an extra shimmer), and/or aventurine glass, that has sparkling specks embedded in it.

So all these King’s Forge Glass ‘Homes’ are sure to bring colour and sparkle to the home of whoever receives it.

They make a lovely gift for a loved one far from home, for an engagement or new home gift, or perhaps for a student going away from home for the first time.

Framed and ready to hang, with a little explanatory note on the reverse.

It measures approx 24cm (10″) square.

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