Irish Scenes - Digital Painting

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You are familiar with traditional media, such as watercolor, oils, or acrylic – and now you may be wondering.. “what is digital painting?”

Digital painting is a new medium that lets us create beautiful artwork, without the messiness of painting with inks or oils. It still requires many of the same skills and techniques as traditional painting (you can’t just create art at the click of a button). Instead of painting on canvas or paper, digital painting allows you to paint directly onto a computer,

We are excited to have Amy O'Riordan, who is using this technique, stock some of her artwork in the store. She specialises in scenes of everyday life in Ireland and also captures some local beauty spots on her travels around the country. Amy's artwork is printed onto canvas and protected with a varnish.

They are in different sizes:

20 x 20cm (7.5"x 11")

20 x 29 cm (7.5" x 11")

40 x 40cm (15.5" x 15.5")

Please note shades shown may vary slightly due to different monitor settings

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