Leonora Reilly Art - Acrylics Painting

Leonora Reilly Art - Acrylics Painting

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The energy and movement of this painting brings so much joy to the viewer.  The Irish coastal beach being overlooked with brilliant red poppies dancing merrily with the closed red and open white tulips on a glorious sunny day.  The sun in the sky reflecting of the water as the tide goes out.   

Brightening up your kitchen or hallway with the colourful blooms.  Even on a dull day outside or in the long days of winter this artwork would draw you in and make you feel warm and hopeful for summer days to come. 

A welcome unique Art Gift

Original Acrylic Painting - Original artwork inspired by the stunning gardens on location of The Cottages Ireland, Bettystown.

Fantastic floral gardens and lawns overlooking the sea and beach beyond.  A truly tranquil place which I tried to capture on canvas for others to enjoy. 

Tulips A-Dancing    

  •   Acrylics on canvas   
  •    20” x 24”   
  •    Unframed
  •    Ready to hang in your home.  

"Tulips a Dancing" original painting

Acrylics painting 50 x 60 cm deep canvas


Please note that colours may vary due to different monitor settings 

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