Leonora Reilly Art Acrylics Painting

Leonora Reilly Art Acrylics Painting

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Don't you love Daisies?  A gorgeous addition to a floral garden.  They have a calm and peacefulness about them - remembering summer days long ago daisy chaining or a welcome bloom to brighten a corner of your garden.  Watching daisies in my own garden falling over, standing tall or swaying in the breeze; enhancing their surroundings for as long as possible.   

Daisy A Day Dream will be a fabulous addition to your home - brightening up a north facing room or hallway with a burst of cheerfulness.


Original Acrylic Painting of a seaside floral garden inspired by the stunning gardens at The Cottages Ireland, Bettystown.

Fantastic floral gardens and lawns overlooking the sea and beach beyond.  A truly tranquil place which I tried to capture on canvas for others to enjoy. 

  • Acrylics on deep edged canvas
  • Size - 40 x 50cm 

Acrylics painting 40 x 50 cm deep canvas


Please note colours may vary due to different monitor settings 

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