Aromatherapy Soaps

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Aishling from Seaside Therapies, has developed a range of aromatherapy inspired skincare to nourish, ease and help skin mend. Recipes use the purest ingredients, (not all organic). Most of her ingredients are sourced in Wicklow and her packaging is all recyclable. The products are made in Clogherhead, Co Louth, Ireland.

Aromatherapy Soaps, packed in eco friendly boxes:

Donkey Milk: YES real Donkeys milk is packed with vitamins and minerals, Aisling added Rose Geranium and stress busting rosewood, relieves eczema and broken skin.

Shampoo Bars: perfect for the shower with peppermint, rosemary & spearmint to nourish

Oatmeal, Shea, Lavender, Chamomile & Petitgrain: oatmeal is perfect for breakouts, eczema and any skin disorder, shea butter is so nourishing

Extra Foamy: Basil and Spearmint, uplifting with extra suds Carrot, cucumber, aloe vera & Neroli: Nourishing with uplifting Neroli.

Lemongrass & Aloe Vera: very gentle to sensitive skin

Argan oil: with Germand Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oil. Argan is packed with omega fatty acids, vitamins to nourish skin, essential oils to ease skin conditions, uplift your mood, clear the mind and brighten your day.

Goat Milk is high in nutrients and vitamins (especially Vitamin E)  and Butter fats which makes it perfect for moisturising dry hands. Also contains Ylang Yland and Lime.

Honey Bee's Soap. Using real Rowse honey which is rich in natural antioxidants, this soap is surface free. Aisling combined it with verbena and patchouli essential oil’s to sooth dry irritated skin, while the aroma reduces anxiety. 

Organic with Roman chamomile. Certified by the EU agriculture department for farmers. Roman chamomile is so gentle on every skin type, from red raw hands to acne this organic soap will care for your sensitive skin

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