Beginner Needle Felting Kits

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Unlock your creativity with this beginner needle felting kit! Learn a new craft or show off your skills! All the supplies you need to get started, plus detailed instructions, make it easy to get right into the joy of felt-making. A great product for any artist!

Our selection of Beginner Needle Crafting kits includes:

Toadstool kit

 This kit includes a beautiful range of colours to represent the forest floor! The Toadstool's model stands about 12cm tall and the finished base is similar in width.

Mini Pumpkin

Just in time for Halloween! It stands approximately 8-9cm tall to the tip of the stalk when finished.

3 Santas

Ho Ho Ho! Three fat Santa’s for your Christmas decorations (or one big fat one perhaps?) They have a bright scarlet hat and body with a curly, bushy beard. The Santa’s stand about 14cm tall each. Look great standing together or even hanging on your tree.


She is bright and soft, and approximately 11cm long when finished.

Baby Fox

All curled up fast asleep, with his fluffy tail to keep him warm! He is about 8cm tall when finished.


He stands approximately 8cm tall when finished. Beautifully boxed, would make a delightful for a loved one.

Herring Gull

Herring Gull is an ideal kit, for a beginner needle felter. Herring gulls are a common sight on the Irish coast. This Gull is 18cm long from beak to wing tip and 9cm tall. Made using snowy white merino wool for the body and carded Corriedale wool for the wings.


Each box contains:

  • Carded Wool
  • Corriedale Wool
  • 3 Different Sized Needles 

    (The needles used for needle felting are very sharp! Not recommended for children under 10 without close adult supervision)

  • Needle Case

  • Detailed 8 Page A5 Booklet Instructions with photos of each stage

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