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We stock a range of Stix2 adhesives

3 D Hobby and Craft PVA glue: ideal for all your crafting needs. Can be used to stick paper, card, craft foam, fabric and many more craft materials. This Acid Free Glue dries clear and will not wrinkle paper, perfect for all card making and scrapbooking. Size 100ml

3D PVA Hobby and Craft PVA glue: unique metal nib will allow you to dispense a vey small amount of adhesive. Ideal for delicate applications. Dries clear and won't wrinkle paper. pH neutral. Size: 30ml

Silicone adhesive: Ideal for use on metals, glass, ceramics, wood, plastics and card. The silicone glue has a fine plastic nib to apply to the end of the tube. When dry it gives a permanent bond. Size 50ml

Quick Stix glue stick: ideal for sticking paper and card. Quick and easy to use this acid free glue goes on white and dries clear. Size 8g

2 in 1 Rolling Ball Glue pen: an acid free glue which is dispensed through a fine metal nib. When wet use as an ordinary permanent glue. Leave to dry after applying and it then becomes a removable adhesive. This glue goes on Blue and dries clear so you can see where you are applying it.

500ml super value bottle of Arts & Craft PVA. Comes with a plastic dispensing nib for more intricate projects. Ideal for your stationary cupboard, schools and craft rooms!

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