Hand knitted socks

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This winter, as much as ever, it is important we have warm knitwear to keep us toasty. These hand knitted socks will certainly do that!

Socks are given a workout being worn in shoes. The friction created means sock fabrics need to be sturdy. Yarn used for socks also needs to be abrasion-resistant as there’s a lot of pressure on fibers in knitted socks because they rub your foot, shoe, or ground. 

Feet sweat, socks need to absorb or wick away moisture to feel (and smell) good. Nothing beats wool. It absorbs up to one-third of its weight in moisture before it feels moist.

Socks also need to be washed and a mixture which can be machine washed is more practical for an item which will be changed on a daily basis.

Hand made, by Camilla, in Castlebellingham, just a few Km from the shop, these socks are knitted in an acrylic/wool mixture which combines practicality with warmth and comfort. 

Care: Machine wash at 40C


Size: UK 9 - 11, Eu 43- 45

Size UK 6 - 8, Eu 40 -42    Sock 2 Blue tweed, 72% acrylic, 25% wool and 3% viscose.

Size UK 3 -5, Eu 37 -39     Sock 3  pinkish brown, 75% acrylic and 25% wool.

Colour: Grey fleck

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