Healing Candles

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Rose aroma with rose quartz healing crystals. Enhance your heart chakra, self love, bonding friendships, protect your heart in times of grief and hardship with these healing candles by Seaside Therapies of Clogherhead.

Abundance Candle with fresh aroma and Amazonite crystals increases self esteem, clears anxiety and anything that blocks your road to success.

Grounding Core Candle with moonikate crystals, Root chakra boosting, increases stability, helps cord cutting and releases old patterns that don't serve you anymore.

Peace Candle with fresh aroma and Lapis and Amethyst crystal enhances your inner peace

New beginnings ecoSoy healing candle. Just as a single apple seed can become an orchard, let this fresh apple aroma bring joy to your new beginning. With green adventurine crystals the crystal for new beginnings, to bring luck, happiness and new zest for life.
A light in Heaven ecosoy healing candle - uplifting aroma with Aquamarine: the stone of courage to continue after loss, Carnelain for grounding and fluorite to sooth,

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