Keepsake Key Chains

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This is a wonderful way to keep the memory of your special pet close using the animal's collar or leash to make a keychain. 

Your pet's collar or leash will be cut and made into a keychain from the existing materials. Collars wider than 1" ( 25mm) and /or thick collars made from materials such as leather cannot be used. Minimum width of collar must be  3/4" (20mm)

The Key chain has a nickel plated clamp and split ring to which you can attach the dog's identity disc and/or a dog charm if you wish. Charms are not included in the price.

Please note by giving us your pet's collar or leash you are agreeing to it being cut. Once cut it cannot be repaired. If the item is not suitable to be used in making a key chain it will be returned to you. You will be refunded for the full price paid less shipping costs. If the item makes less than the number of keychains ordered, the overpayment will be refunded to you less shipping costs.

Wristlet Key Chain: approx 5" long (127mm) and up to 1"wide (25mm) - 10" of collar needed (254mm)

Short Key Fob: approx 3" long (127mm) and up to 1" wide (25mm) - 6" of collar needed (152mm)

If you wish to order one or more of these items please make contact with the shop directly or by emailing or messaging via the website .


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