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 We are finding more and more people are preferring to knit with circular rather than straight knitting needles. Some knitters use circular knitting needles only to knit in the round, but one of the many advantages of using circular knitting needles is that they can be used for both knitting in the round and knitting flat. Circular needles are also easier to store and transport than straight or double-pointed needles.

If you intend to knit flat or back and forth a 60cm needle should be large enough. 

If you are knitting in the round it is important to get the right length of circular needles. 80 cm circulars are ideal for a wide range of projects including: shawls and sweaters. 40cm circular needles would be suitable for sleeves, necks etc. These fixed circular needles are perfect for all kinds of projects: accessories, garments etc!

We have a collection of Drops Classic, Drops Basic , Drops birch, Pony classic and Prym circular needles. 

Drops birch needles have fine and smooth tips which are a perfect transition to the flexible cable. Birch transmits a warmth to your hands so you can knit for hours without them getting tired. 

Drops Classic circular needles are made from hollow brass pipes and played with high quality nickel. They are light and sleek with the smoothest cable transition that helps your needles slide effortlessly on and off the needles. Why not check out our Pro Classic set of interchangable circular needles here.

 Drops Basic circular needles, made of aluminium, are lightweight, and with a beautifully smooth surface that makes for a much faster crafting experience. The Basic range is versatile, affordable, and perfect for both beginners and those with more advanced skills.

The Prym and Pony Classic are hard and smooth plastic pins.

The Pony brass circular knitting needles are made of hollow and lightweight brass which makes these larger needles easier to use.


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