Stix2 tapes

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In addition to the selection of stationary, double sided and mending tapes we stock we also have a range of other Stix2 tapes which may be of interest.

Better Than Hammer n Nails – Ideal for sticking, joining or mounting plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, brick, stone and metal. Permanent mounting of hooks, signs, name plates, numbers, bathroom accessories. A 145mm strip will hold 2kg on plastic and 5kg on metal as long as both surfaces are clean and smooth up to a thickness of 12mm. Size: 19mm x 2m.

Self Adhesive Artists' Tape -  A smooth mat finish tape which can be used for the dressing of deep bevel mats, frame and mat sealing, ideal for use in  slip application for covering the underside of the slip,, hinging heavy art and ideal for many other hobby and craft applications. Size: 24mm x 15m

Self Adhesive Paper Masking Tape -This Self Adhesive Masking Tape is perfect for a wide range of tasks. From masking off areas prior to painting, to taping objects together, this masking tape is a creative essential. This strong and flexible tape is ideal for many surfaces, flat or curved. Ideal for all general purpose masking applications. Great for all hobby and craft projects. Size 24mm x 25m

Double Sided Cloth Tapestry Tape - this extra heavy duty tape is perfect for holding down all types of tapestry work. It will join and hold paper, board, plastic, wood metal and glass whena storn initial bond is needed. Size 24mm x 10mm

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