Crystal Elegant Necklaces

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These timeless pieces are hand chosen and one of a kind!

You won’t find another pendant exactly like this one.

A graceful addition to any collection.

Created with the intention to suit wearers of all age ranges and cater to every individual style - by wearing it alone as a statement piece to dress up an outfit or layering with chains for an edgy look.

Sterling Silver chain.

Rose Quartz: 

Unconditional Love | Love, Beauty & Self-Esteem | Taurus & Heart Chakra. Emotional communication, PCOS, Fertility, relationships, trauma, hormonal conditions, forgiveness, confidence, circulation, grief, headaches, heartbreak, birthing and post-natal.


Spiritual Protection | Intuition, Guidance & All Healing | Aquarius & Third Eye Chakra.  Addiction, psychic attack, OCD, cravings, anxiety, hyperactivity and ADHD, Migraines, Insomnia, nightmares, psychic awareness, manic thoughts.

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