MENO pulse roller ball

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Not all women will suffer all the list of symptoms of menopause, but many suffer badly. This roller ball is not made to replace traditional treatments but compliment them. It’s uplifting, calming, and targeted for use in menopause, or for hormonal balance.

Rose and clary sage essential oils are every woman’s friend, no matter what stage of life. I use is in massage for PMS, fertility and menopause.

Frankincense, lemon, geranium are hormone friendly, calming and encouraging essential oils. Basil is hormone friendly and also works on brain fog, Assisting in remembering, just why you walked into that room!

Combined they are amazing and help regulate the body and mind.

This pulse roller ball blends organic essential oils with menopause friendly carrier oils of avocado, sunflower and olive oil.

To use: roll into the centre of the palms, the pulse points and along the line from thumb to wrist. Inhale deeply. Roll on front and back of the ankles, (reflexology points for the ovaries and womb), across the top of ankle and in the centre of the foot.

To calm, to revive and reset emotions. Perfect to use at night before bed. Better still come into store when Aisling from Seaside Therapies is working and she will talk you through use for maximum benefit.

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